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Arise has never backed down from standing for our vision, “Healthcare as it was originally intended” against large institutional healthcare organizations with only their own interests in mind. Arise has an unwavering commitment to quality from the experience of every patient that walks through the doors, to the meticulously selected employees and physician partners.



THE BETTER WAY IN PRACTICE – Results for a Reason



Our experience saw opportunity.

Stonegate Surgery Center strategically grew from pain management to leading orthopedic and neuro spine services due to increasing demand for other services from surgeons and their patients. Patients thrived and physicians experienced shared growth and success.


Our experience saw a better waY.

Built in 2011, we opened our doors with seven surgeon partners and the best clinical staff in the Austin/Cedar Park area. The center has five big ORs and we perform surgical procedures in Orthopedics, Spine, Podiatry, Pain, Urology and GYN. Today we have 27 surgeon partners and our patient satisfaction scores are continually 98-99%. Together, we’ve created a center of clinical excellence that’s also been one of the most profitable in Texas.


Our experience saw a way to protect physician independence.

Arise built a state-of-the-art surgery center that established a secure opportunity for physicians to remain independent, in control and successful without having to abide by the regulations of big hosipitals.


Our experience did the right thing.

Arise brought something to the uncertain world of compounding pharmacies; self-regulation and high quality. Thanks to the right approach and vetted professionals our compounding pharmacy went above and beyond with accreditation, the highest quality products and effective distribution and sales methods.


Our experience created a better place for care.

Open only a short time, Lafayette Cardiovascular Center of Excellence has already outperformed all projections. Why? The best physicians and staff in the area are able to get back to actually providing care. Having come from big hospitals, these professionals never imagined that healthcare of this quality could be possible. It is alive and well at Arise.


Our experience turned things around.

Before Arise Austin Medical Center became the success it is, the facility was plagued with management and operational problems that were preventing patients form receiving the best care possible. After stepping in, Arise has recruited the highest quality support staff in the area to provide physicians an opportunity to thrive. Because with better care for physicians comes better care for patients. “I cringe when I have a procedure somewhere else. That’s how much I love Arise.”